Summer period is highly conducive to thunderstorms and heavy rain showers. Driving is far from all dangers! Here are some precautionary to face the summer ice. 

Do not underestimate the summer ice

After a long period without rain, the roads become real rinks from the first drops of water. What for? The phenomenon is not fully understood by road users. We call it summer ice! It is due to the accumulation of oils, fuels, tires’ rubber on the road and brake pads’ dust for a relatively long period of drought! It is more treacherous than the winter ice as impossible to see on the road. How to avoid getting caught?

  • Analyze areas and periods of risk. This is not because it does not rain it stops moving. Quite the contrary!
  • Observe safety distances
  • Ensure the good condition of your tires and their pressures.

If despite that you lose control of your vehicle, what to do? In general, the reflex is to brake. If your speed is not too high and that the field of vision is very low, this is the solution. But beware of comportment slip, which can be amplified if you do not master the techniques of emergency braking.

If the back slides:

  1. Counter-steering.
  2. Gently release the accelerator and brake gradually. The goal is to avoid a charge transfer too important.
  3. disengage

If the front slides:

  1. Do not turn. Although it’s not natural given the situation, cancel the steering angle.
  2. Release the accelerator and brake hard. The goal is to slow the vehicle and put the weight forward to restore directional power to your car.

Important! During these attempts eye control will play a KEY role. We must look ahead and look for loopholes. Never look at the hazard location (wall, rail, car ..) This is the best way to hit.


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