This cannot be repeated enough: do not use your phone while driving. Road safety rules must be respected for your and for the other road users. This may seem paradoxical as a piece of advice from the eiver team; precisely because eiver is a smartphone application that helps you drive better.

Using a phone while driving is prohibited

But smartphones are also used to … make calls, text messages or browse the internet. We forget it from time to time. It is very dangerous to handle their smartphone, read or write text messages or make or receive calls while driving. This is why as soon as eiver is launched and you drive, you must focus on your driving. If you try to strum on your screen during your trip, a message appears telling you that the eiver screen is locked. Once you are stopped, the screen unlocks.

Having a phone conversation while driving reduces your field of vision at an angle of 30 degrees only. Your endangerment and that of your passengers is then obvious. Let your voicemail do the work and call back during the break.

Have a safe trip and talk to you soon!


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 33: Do not touch your mobile phone while driving