Ok, here is an eiverTip that occurs hopefully at the right time. When, throughout Europe and especially in France, it is the time of the first major crossover holidays, you’ll probably get stuck in slow traffic. 

Minimize the stress in slow traffic

It started yesterday really hard and it may even last until  today evening. To help you minimize the stress in slowdowns or congestion, we suggest you follow these few tips.

When a downturn is announced it is useless to arrive “as a bomb” on the line that begins to slow down. Look ahead and anticipate. Start downshift and use the engine brake to apply the brakes as little as possible. Deceleration is more gradual, the more you preserve the rolling equipment and keep good control of your behavior.

Well, once it is stopped, take it patiently. When you see that the queue next to yours restarts, it is useless to change lanes. This will disrupt traffic and you will force others behind you to stop their restart. This situation causes traffic complications almost always. Avoid them as much as possible.

When your file restarts, try to see as far as possible before you. If the traffic jam is over and the view is unobstructed, restart and resume normal speed gradually always keeping your safety distances.

If, however, the slowdown is still there and you see cars before you stopping again 300 or 500 m away, take the opportunity to restart slowly advancing only without pressing the accelerator and by engaging in first. You will gradually fill the space in front of you and the cars that follow will do the same. With any luck, by the time you catch up the car at the stop away, it will start and you can keep your (small) speed.

Of course this advice only works if everyone applies and if a car changes lanes in front of you, it does not work. So do not hesitate to spread this eiverTip around you, if you want that everyone apply this Tip.

See you later for a new smart tip.


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 30: How to clamly handle slow traffic