During long trips, you have to take a break from time to time. This is useful for the driver and for the car. Here are some tips for managing breaks.

Every two hours : take a break

A trip takes planning. And this is also true for the driver before, as during the trip, who must meet a number of guidelines promoting alertness. Closure of business records, preparation of luggage excitement of starting early to go before traffic jam, these are situations that many take to the road with a time of insufficient sleep.

What is recommended in general, is to develop a small break every 2 hours. eiver will remind you. But if you want to know when exactly, here are the warning signs: eyes tingle, which stiffens the neck, some pain in the back and fixed eyes… you’re tired, it’s time to stop!

In this case, stretch your legs and take rest 20 minutes or more before resuming driving.

If you start having yawning, heavy eyelids, you suffer from a lack of sleep. One solution: stop and sleep!

In all cases, remember the first rule of thumb: do not take the road being tired.

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(post prepared with the assistance of French Road Safety Agency)


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