In situations of b traffic, we do not necessarily know where to put feet to react as quickly as possible in an emergency situation.

To go into a busy traffic

When you are traveling at a constant speed but many vehicles are around you, you should of course be vigilant and anticipate the maximum possible deceleration or braking. There are some tricks to know, including the position of your feet over your foot controls.

First the left foot: once your gear is engaged, it has nothing to do on the clutch pedal. Think of “parking” systematically on the left. It also benefits from an altar designed exclusively for him. This is especially recommended when you do not have a clutch pedal.

Then the right foot: this one is much more active and switches from a pedal to another quite often. Once the acceleration phase is completed, the right foot is released. It is advisable to moment to position above the middle pedal, to react quickly. In heavy traffic, the positioning of the right foot is important and can save one to two second reaction time. It seems not much but it can save you a lot of trouble, and save you 40-60 meters braking.

Happy driving!


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