Wet week? You had to drive under the rain ? At eiver, we pack our good advice to save the air conditioning… we will see later, and present today information on winter driving, especially in rainy weather. So when it rains, you know, you must be especially vigilant.



1 / Check your tires

Check the height of their gum and replace them before the tread depth reaches 1.6mm. The tires are generally fitted with a wear indicator, warning you that limit.

Also, make sure that your tires are inflated to their fair pressure. Here is a link to a previous advice on the subject

These precautions will prevent the risk of aquaplaning, that is to say the loss of adhesion due to the shaping of a film of water between the tire and the road, and ensure a good handling.

Our advice: If aquaplaning, the only thing to do is to release the throttle and wait for the tires to call into contact with the road. Do not brake, do not accelerate and do not turn the wheel. Everything that eiver encourage you to do every day, by the way.

Be very careful in case of lack of guardrails roads and be smooth drivers while turning because of the slippery mixture of plant leaves and water.

2 / Adapt your driving visibility

You must anticipate the reduced visibility due to bad weather. Check the operating condition of your wipers and your lighting.

When rain reduces visibility on the road, use your headlights and adjust your speed:

  • 110 km / h on the highway,
  • 100 km / h on parkway
  • 80 km / h on highway.

Good to know: if visibility is reduced to 50 m or less, the maximum speed is 50 km / h on all types of roads.

Rain alters your perception of distance and other vehicles, so your ability to anticipate plays an important role for your safety, you must:

  • Adapt safety distances by providing a longer braking distance (doubled),
  • Turn on your headlights,
  • Avoid suddenly slowed,
  • Observe the traces left by the cars in front of you: the more narrow, the less water is removed from the floor.

Happy driving with eiver!


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