The rear parking is either a piece of cake or a nightmare for the motorist. Let’s see how to go about it so that everyone is comfortable with this way of parking!

The key to succeeding in a rear parking is probably to do it regularly. But you still have to know how to go about it … Response in 5 steps!

Step 1 :

Find a place large enough for your vehicle and put your flashing light to warn other users of your maneuver.

Step 2 :

Stand parallel to the car which is in front of the place you found. (about 60 cm) If a car arrives from the front or from behind, stop your maneuver and signal him to pass if there is room.

Step 3 :

Shift into reverse, keep both hands on the steering wheel while looking back to the right. Back up slowly and in a straight line until you see the back of the front car in the corner of your rear window. At this time, quickly turn the steering wheel to the right so that your vehicle is positioned at 45 °.

Step 4 :

Your vehicle is at 45°, back up slowly and stop when you are 30/40 cm from the sidewalk. You can help yourself from the front of the rear vehicle to find out where you are.

Step 5 :

At this moment, you are in the place but not really parallel to the sidewalk. If you have some space behind your vehicle, straighten the steering wheel and back up without touching the other vehicle. Finally, you just have to stand straight to be completely parallel to the sidewalk.

Perfect, you have as much space in front of your vehicle as behind! You can go out while being very careful when opening your door!


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip #115: How to succeed in rear parking?