If some users think they are alone on the road, they are wrong … Trucks, cars, motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians, everyone can share the road : we are all road users!

Fundamentals of road placement for the road users

Rule #1: keep your right

It is imperative to keep to the right of the road while leaving a sufficient safety distance on the sides (1 meter on each side). Driving on a part of the roadway which is not reserved for your direction of movement or your type of vehicle is prohibited.

Rule #2: good positioning in the lane

It’s simple, place your vehicle in the middle of the lane where you are, locate yourself with the white lines. If there isn’t, you can imagine them. Readjust your positioning on the track according to traffic: in town, it will be narrower than on the highway.

Rule #3: slow down on narrow streets

If you are driving on a narrow street and you do not have the space to leave 1 meter on each side of your vehicle, slow down!

Rule #4: in case of a one-way street

When you are on a one-way street in town, be sure to position yourself according to the direction you are taking. If you go straight or right at the next intersection, also stay right on the lane. However, if you take the left at the crossroads, go left on the one-way street.

Poor positioning on the roadway endangers the safety of all users, be careful and stay alert!


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