This old saying “Drink or drive”, everybody knows it and yet, drinking and driving is still one of the leading causes of mortality on the roads.

Drink or Drive, you must choose

The number of motorists driving with an alcohol a reading above the permitted rate on our roads represents just over 2% of all drivers; i.e. 20 dangerous motorists crossed every hour or 1 every 3 minutes. It sends a chill down your spine, does it not?

Even in small doses, alcohol acts directly on the brain so it is good to know its effects!

No, alcohol does not make “superheroes”. When a driver takes the wheel while under the influence, he tends to undervalue the risks, drive faster, forget the seatbelt and is often more aggressive…. This is the euphoric effect of alcohol! Drivers believe themselves to be capable of almost everything without taking into account the danger they represent for themselves and for others.

Yes, alcohol reduces the field of vision. Under the influence of alcohol, the driver is not able to brake in time to avoid danger. The alcoholic driver always thinks his vehicle can go anywhere, but no!

Yes, alcohol disrupts all of your sensations. Normally, the average reaction time is about 1 second. The little alcohol consumed greatly increases this reaction time. With 0.5 g of alcohol per liter of blood, reaction time goes up to 1.5 seconds. At 90 km/h, a vehicle travels 25 meters in 1 second; at the same speed, 1.5 seconds means 37 meters of traveled. Over a 12 meters difference, a life can be saved… Obviously, the higher the blood alcohol level, the higher the reaction time will be.

We will probably never repeat it enough, but alcohol is not compatible with driving – among many other activities. Remember to do your own breath test, using a breathalyzer, before taking the wheel; have someone be a designated driver; or, just stay where you are if you drank and should not be driving. There are plenty of solutions to limit the risks and live after an evening filled with too many drinks.


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