Challenge your drive. Accessories are essential but also diagnostic safety. You have to be more attentive and check on your car.

Car diagnosis : the key items being checked

Until now, we have highlighted the good behaviours when it comes to taking care of a car. Beyond that, the bottom line is to keep your car in a good state but also to pass mandatory tests.

In this regard, it is always good to know the items being looked at as part of your car’s diagnosis. The control happens on 9 to 11 key elements, including:

  • Windscreen wipers,
  • Oil change,
  • Brake fluid,
  • Air-conditioning,
  • Tyres (conformity, pressure, wear and tear, spare tyre, … )
  • shock absorbers,
  • Brake pads and disks.

Check on your car, think about safety and ensure having your car regularly checked by a professional.


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