You started to feel a vibration in the driver’s seat and your steering wheel starts to shake? Maybe it should be balanced. A lack of balance (it is when the tires’ alignment is not correct) could be the consequence of a recent tire change, or impact on one of the wheels.

Warning signs

  • You feel the vibration in the steering wheel or in the driver’s seat.
  • You notice an irregular tire wear.

The tire balancing is to evenly distribute the weight of the wheel about the rotation axis to suppress vibration.

Tires’ alignment allows:

  • preserve your safety and comfort.
  • avoid premature wear on your tires, suspension components, steering and bearings of your vehicle.

Balancing tires can degrade over time if uneven tire wear or loss of balance weight suite, for example, a shock sidewalk. A bad tire balancing can cause vibration of your vehicle and make your driving less pleasant and safe.


See you soon for another safety tip 😉


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 39: Think about your tires' alignment