Do I have the right tires? This is a question to ask before you go on a driving holiday. Want to know why? Here are our tips.


Put the pressure

Under-inflated tires are synonymous with consumption and hence pollution (2.4% of consumption by more than 0.5 bar deficit). Tires deflate naturally, so it is necessary to check the pressure at least once a month. The check must be made when tires are still cold i.e. after completing less than 3 km, otherwise it will take 10 minutes to let the tires cool down.

Why ride inflated?

When deflated, the tires warm up quickly especially at high speeds where they just may explode. They also increase rolling resistance and therefore fuel consumption.

Every month, check the pressure of all your tires and consult your operator’s manual to adjust the pressure to the driving conditions (motorways, car loaded or not, number of passengers …). You can save up to 5% fuel … while maintaining your safety.

Opt for “green” tires if you can

If your car tires are worn, go green by choosing tires marked “fuel saver” which, thanks to their more rigid sidewalls, their lightweight construction and rubber compound their secret, minimize resistance bearing which is responsible for about 30% of the total consumption of a vehicle. These “green” tires can save up to 0.2 l/100 km. But beware, that said lower rolling resistance also said performance but particularly with regard to braking and traction. Opt for green tires brands recognized that minimize these disadvantages.


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