Choosing your tyres according to the type of driving and driving habits, why? If you have to choose tyres in the next times, follow our tip !

Choose your tyres according your type of driving

When it comes to changing the tires of your vehicle, it’s good to take into account several technical criteria! How to choose the type of tires most suited to our driving habits?

Important to remember that it is obviously necessary to choose tires adapted to the make and model of the vehicle.

Are you driving mainly in urban and urban areas? The traffic is dense and the traffic jams are often worn, prefer tires that allow to brake a short distance. Consider also the resistance of the tire, the accelerations and decelerations repeated, the frequent stoppages … lead to a more rapid wear. Don’t forget to check the pressure at least once a month!

You used to make the motorway? The life of your vehicle’s tires is therefore strained! The high speed therefore requires longer than average tire life, optimum handling, stability and comfort.

You drive in the mountains? Whether you live in the mountains or in a cold area, your tires are faced with difficult climatic conditions: snow, ice, hail … which make roads slippery and dangerous. Take advantage of winter tires when temperatures fall below 7 ° C.

Now, you’re well informed about how you have to choose tyres