Clean windows = good vision !

When you washed your car the last time, did you take the time to clean your windows? On the outside and the inside?

We often only come to that conclusion afterwards but having clean windows is, in fact, much better (and safer). It is even more obvious when you follow drivers who have not taken good care of theirs in a while – while yours are squeaky clean… . And I am talking about all the windows of the vehicle; the windscreen, the rear window, the side windows, front and rear, and also the rear-view mirrors that we tend to forget but which are extremely important.

To do well, I advise you to use a normal window cleaning product, a sponge, a squeegee and a cloth.

The steps to a good cleaning:

  1. Thoroughly wet the glass with the window product
  2. Use the sponge and vary directions in order to leave no dirt, nor marks
  3. With the squeegee, wipe the glass so as to leave as little product as possible (rinse the squeegee on the sponge to avoid drops)
  4. Finish with the cloth (or several) wiping firmly and vigorously to erase all traces of water

That’s all! In four simple steps your window is clean and you only have to move on to the next one! Be careful, however, when it comes to the mirrors as some are motorized and therefore more fragile.

I do often spend more time on the windows than on the car body; I do not want to leave a trace! In my opinion, it is important to have a complete view of what might come my way and to be able to see far behind.

This piece of advice is offered by Luc, uses eiver since 2014.


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 106: Make sure to keep your (car) windows clean