It is important not to neglect the maintenance of your car because, in the end, it will be more expensive than doing daily maintenance.

Do ensure your car maintenance is checked and serviced regularly

Have your car fully checked and serviced every 45,000 kilometres: Mechanical parts not being serviced or checked regularly may impact not only the durability of your car but also your fuel consumption which could increase by 15% compared to a car which is properly serviced.

Change oil on a schedule: Failing to changing oil regularly will have an impact on and decrease your engine’s performance. This leads to an increase of fuel consumption and damages your engine.

Check and change air filters: A damaged or blocked air filter may increase your fuel consumption by 10%.

Ensure saving in the long term by spending some time and money from time to time.


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Groupe 22 - eiverTip 88: Do not forget about regular car maintenance