How to handle turns on frozen ground. By mastering one’s trajectory?

A turn, when driving your car on the snow (or frozen ground) must really be anticipated. The foot is lifted from the pedal before entering the turn and the engine brake is used. Ensure not making a sudden movement with the steering wheel as the wheels must be able to follow the tracks. A good test is to hold the steering wheel with two fingers and feel if the wheels tilt themselves (follow the tracks) or not. If this is not the case, hold the steering wheel firmly and turn gently, without sudden movement.

If you feel the car moving away from the (right) trajectory, do not brake. Lift your foot to slow down, shift to first gear if it is not already the case and wait for the complete stop. Do not try to straighten the car by turning the steering wheel because you will make the situation worse. Indeed, in this case, many of us are turning the steering wheel too abruptly. 

Go easy, go safely!