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Car_on_App01_SaveCode_CopyrightEiver helps you reduce your CO2 impact and your fuel consumption? Well done. How to maximize your eiverMiles points? Here are some tips for you.

eiverMiles points reward you for your good behavior while driving. Clearly, whenever you apply certain rules that help your vehicle consume less, you earn points.

1 Anticipation: The more your speed will be gradual, the more you increase your chances of saving. This applies to acceleration and deceleration. Thus the key word is “anticipation”. At startup, look ahead to see if a stop sign or a red light will not force you to stop 200 meters away. In this case, no need to accelerate too quickly. A very moderate speed can be enough and will protect your vehicle and its environment.

2 Regularity: the more regular your speed is, the more the kinetic energy generated by the movement of the mass of your vehicle will be effective. Pressing the brake pedal unexpectedly when driving on an expressway or highway is not normal. Either you are too close to the car in front of you or you do not anticipate enough. Try to regulate the maximum speed and you will see your eiverMiles counter increment faster.

3 Avoid trips which are too short: this applies especially in large urban areas. Where public transport exists, it is not necessarily essential to drive. The eiverMiles counter starts to run at an average speed greater than 30 km / h and after 5 km. In short, do not expect to win many points if your drive is below these figures. Think about it.