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Here’s a catchy title! How to divide your fuel costs by 2 or 3 on a specific trip?

Eco-driving advice already allow you to reduce up to 25% of your costs (i.e. 1/4), we will have to find something else to go beyond. And this “something else” is called “carpooling”. This is a very useful and easy way to split the cost of transportation thus fuel by the number of passengers. Whatever your destination, particularly over long distances, carpooling services help you “fill” your car confidently and without constraint.

Try one of these services at least once and you will see, you will then have the reflex to offer your trips and even reduce your expenses and releases of greenhouse gas emissions.

And besides, if you apply the #eiverTips from eiver you will have a fine reputation of good driver, which does not spoil anything.

Talk to you soon for a new smart advice.