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SaveCode_ralentissementYou are approaching an area where cars are slowing down, and get behind a line of cars at low speed or full stop. How to behave?

First, try as much as possible to anticipate this slowdown. Having a far vision, this is often a good thing for the comfort of your brakes and your passengers. Smooth deceleration is always preferable to a series of brakes screeching way “panic pumping”, which often has the unpleasant effect of panic those who follow you.

Then, once you’ve arrived in this file slowed or immobile, an early warning by the action of your warning lights will indicate that you are immobilized. The following vehicles will lend you more attention and anticipate too.

Finally, keep your distance from the vehicle in front, in case of emergency, in order to deport you to the side and avoid a possible rollover. This reflex is fairly simple to adopt: make sure to always have in your field of vision the bottom of both rear tires of the vehicle ahead of you.