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Improve your car’s aerodynamics

It is the end of the summer – and holidays – time. After making good use of roof racks, bike racks and other rear mirrors for caravans, the time has come to let go of these for a few months. Some of these accessories are naturally easily removed. For instance, nobody keeps the caravan mirrors on their car.

However, some other pieces of equipment tend to often stay on the cars, even if unused.

Bag- or roof-racks (even ski racks coming soon) are not that much of a nuisance on a car and are often easy to leave as is until next time they are needed. Yet, they do impair the aerodynamics of the car.

It is actually recommended to remove them if you are not going to make use of them for a while. A full roof case can increase your fuel consumption by up to 5% by reducing your car aerodynamics.

Take time to remove the unnecessary pieces of equipment and save money!

Enjoy your weekend, with eiver.