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Crédit Photo : - REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol (FRANCE)

Credit Photo : – REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol (FRANCE)

We suspect that we will have to adapt our pace on a frozen, snowy or icy road. But what are the best practices?

Naturally, the recommended speed is not to be exceeded in normal conditions; and in special conditions, it should even be reduced by 20 to 30%.

And that’s where we will really be able to pay attention to the reactions of the car. It is eco-driving in its purest state.

The acceleration is only used to get the car started. We accelerate moderately and we shift gears without too much delay. Be careful though; our advice is not to reach the last gear (5 or 6th gear) because it is possible to have a torque too weak to actually engage the engine brake (which, should we remind you, if the safest option when it comes to braking on snow).