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SaveCode_Speed_regularityOf course it can. But it is also good to remember from time to time good reflexes. Start with a bang, firmly press the pedal to “take off”, it’s fun, especially on a powerful car.

But is it really useful? Above all, what is it for? Save time? Not sure. You will have the satisfaction of winning 500 m in 2 seconds, ok, but at what price? 3 liters of fuel, 10 kg of CO2, excessive wear on your tires, attention and stress driving, unnecessary decibels, snagging or accident ….

eiver advise you rather start normally from early reports. Then, the challenge is different: it is to ensure the control of maximum speed. And it is valid in town and on the road:

In town, we will make sure to anticipate stops forced (stop, lights ..) looking far the traffic and flexibility our report to the pedals left and right.
On the road, we will try to regulate the maximum speed with the help if possible cruise control of his vehicle. If we do not, then we have no choice but to make that a little relaxation of the ankle, because yes, we know, it’s hard to keep the accelerator pedal half way or press and hold.
Go test today!