Communicate your brand to qualified drivers.

eiver helps drivers regain control over their automotive budget, CO2 emissions and driving safety. A useful mobile app but also a unique medium. We offer you a powerful device to communicate your brand to a community of involved and demanding drivers.

Communicate on a qualitative
non-intrusive and effective media

Participation rate in driving challenges sponsored by brands

Conversion rate of exclusive discounts in the rewards area

Open rate of newsletters  and promotional  mailings

Organize an eiver driving challenge in your colors #greendrive

Thanks to eiver, motivate your customers and employees to reduce their impact and increase your reputation. Organize your own driving challenges, reward and celebrate the best, spread your messages, increase your customer base, improve your reputation and your employer brand, reduce your impact.

Your best #ecofriendly offers for the best drivers

Offer exclusive discounts and advantages to promote your eco-responsible products and services. Optimize your customer conversion by targeting a population oriented towards responsible and sustainable consumption.

Integrate eiver values into your application using our SDK

Put a reward engine in your app. Integrate our SDK, engage and reward your customers.

An overqualified, loyal and active audience

monthly active

of used car fond of good deals

per challenge

They trust us

I order directly an eiver challenge

Create your own driving challenge

Exemple of a challenge